Yakovets Yuri Vladimirovich – doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, President of the Pitirim Sorokin — Nikolai Kondratieff International Institute, chairman of the civilizational Studies department of the International Global Research Academy and the cycles Studies and forecasting department of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences.

He graduated from the law faculty of the Leningrad State University, where he received an economic education, headed the department of Political Economy of the Leningrad Mining Institute. He was the director of the Pricing Research Institute of the USSR and a member of the State Prices council committee of the USSR Ministers, in charge of the department of the national Economy Academy under the council of the USSR Ministers, was vice-president of the Russian financial corporation, a professor at the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

Yakovets Yuri Vladimirovich is the founder and the leader of Russian scientific schools: civilizational, Russian cyclism, integral macro forecasting. He has published more than 860 scientific works, including more than 40 monographs, textbooks and scientific reports. the main published works: “Methodology of the pricing in the mining industry”; “the Patterns of the scientific and technological progress and their systematic use”; “the History of civilizations”; “the Russian cyclism: a new vision of the past and the future”; “cycles, crises, forecasts”; “the Past and the future of civilizations.” “the Acceleration of scientific and technological progress. theory and economic mechanism”; “Globalization and interaction of civilizations»; “Epochal innovations of the XXI century”; “Russia 2050: the strategy of innovation breakthrough” (co-authored); “civilizations: theory, history, dialogue, future» (in 6 volumes in co-authorship); “the global outlook for the future of civilizations for the period until 2050 (in 10 parts co-authored); “Global economic transformations of the 21st century”; “Political economy of civilizations”, “the System of goals of the sustainable development of civilizations».